Can you hear it? Sounds like beer rollin’ into town!

beer wagon

Starting to feel butterflies in my stomach (or are they in my liver?). We are two weeks away from Chico Beer Week 2016 and the beer trucks are making their way to our finer beer purveyors. Very exciting! The calendar is starting to fill out, with a couple dozen events now posted, and there are MANY more on the way. Just clear plenty of space on your calendar and check back for updates often. It’s going to be a good week!

All good things must come to an end

Chico! Now that’s how you beer week! What a fun and exhausting 10 days! The Chico News & Review thanks all the brewers, beer bars, restaurants, bottle shops, distributors, our co-presenters Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., all the sponsors and all the craft-beer fans of Chico Beer Week for putting so much energy and passion into what was one epic week of full beer immersion. Can’t wait to see how you top yourself next year. Cheers!