In four weeks: total beer immersion!


It is almost time. Chico Beer Week 2015, Oct. 8-17, is a month away.  Chico’s craft-beer purveyors are making their plans and details are starting to pour in for all the beer-week fun that Chico is about to enjoy. Refresh the Chico Beer Week calendar often, and stay tuned to the Facebook and Twitter pages to get the latest updates.

It’s going to be a good week!

Chico Beer Week 2015!


Sure, it’s hot outside. And sure, it’s going to get much hotter and it’s going to stay that way for several weeks and months. But just as at the end of each day there is respite in a cold glass of a fine brew, at the end of summer there is relief waiting with another 10 days of beer-related fun at the third annual Chico Beer Week. It’s coming Oct. 8-17. Visit the site often (and follow Chico Beer Week on Facebook) for updates and soon-to-be-announced exciting details about this year’s events. Cheers!

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